The Heart of the Matter

“To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

As a mother, a teacher and a pastor- Commissioner Felicia Harris is a bona fide woman of substance.  With an unwavering faith in God and a zeal for change, she compels one to become more active and aware in one’s community.

“We must become educated about our value- the worth of ourselves and our community. It is through this education that we begin to realize who we truly are.” Harris conveys.

A native of Brunswick, Georgia, Commissioner Harris attended Glynn Academy  high school where she excelled in academics and sports. CommissionerShe was also actively involved with the parks and recreation in the City of Brunswick.  This drive led her to enroll and graduate from Bethune- Cookman University , located in Daytona Beach, Florida. It was there that she pledged to the sorority of  Delta Sigma Theta Inc., an African-American organization that cultivates  service and leadership, where she is an active member and serves as chaplain.

After receiving her education, she came back to her hometown of Brunswick to help others attain success in a plethora of ways. She has served as a youth counselor, mentor and sponsor to many – including myself.

As an avid supporter of the Roosevelt Lawrence Community Center, Commissioner Harris serves as a volunteer coach. She uses this dais to bring awareness to the community, letting the residents know that she is a city official that truly cares.

“We have to be proactive to situations instead of reactive to situations that arise in our community. One of our objectives here at the Center (Roosevelt Lawrence) is to be preventive and implement programs that keep our children engaged and involved.” says Harris.

An authentic woman of grace and humility, Commissioner Harris understands that a dialogue must begin in our community to help overcome the boundaries that silence creates.

“We have to communicate with our children. Honestly. We must speak to our children with honesty, remembering where we were when we were their age. We cannot forget the struggles that we had. These struggles help us to have open and honest conversations with our children.”

It’s hard to not become a little nervous when given the opportunity to interview a person in whom they admire. Though I have had the honor of being one of her miss harrismentees, I still become star struck when I am around her.  Commissioner Harris is an example of what one can do when a concentrated effort is applied to goals that can help not only self but the community as well.


Learn more about Commissioner Harris:


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