Top Ten

Here are the top ten reasons FindAWay is thankful today:

1. Mothers– God couldn’t be everywhere so He created mothers.  They pray for you, cry with you and encourage you to keep pressing. Thanks mama!

2. Education– There is more than one way to learn. If you don’t like to read, you can always watch a documentary.

3. Music– One song can change your mood. We recommend ‘On Your Face ‘ by Earth, Wind and Fire.Ewf

4. Maya Angelou– Her words touched souls which sparked thought, feeling and action.

5. Fear– Without it we would never experience the joy of overcoming an obstacle.

6. Mentors– You never know what a 30-minute session with someone can do for the both parties involved.

7. Real  friends– After a while they become so close that they become family.

peter8. Family Guy– Peter Griffin is an idiot!

9. Internet Access– We have the world at our fingertips. If we use this power for positive things, we have the opportunity to effectively connect with others and maybe make some extra loot!

10. Being employed– It’s a jungle out there: for every 1 job opening there is 5 people applying for that position.



What are you thankful for? Send us your list:


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