Diamonds are 4ever Act 1 Scene 1

It’s in a black person’s soul to rock dat gold. Spend yo whole life tryna rock dat ice. – Kanye West

Setting: Present day urban America


Elizabeth Wolfe– A young lady in her mid-20’s

Daniel Amherst– A young man in his early 20’s

Tyrone Jenkins– A teenager

Scene opens with Elizabeth Wolfe sitting in a a chair with a lamp illuminating the room shining in the far left corner of stage. She is writing while gazing out of the window.

Elizabeth Wolfe: What is the price of a happy life? What is one willing to pay for it? Is integrity truly a virtue? Who judges virtue and who could possibly be virtuous in such a cruel world?

She leans back stretching her arms above her head yawning. Two young men, Daniel and Tyrone walk in rambunctiously from stage right. Elizabeth, startled, opens the window to see what the commotion is all about. She seems to recognize the two young men, she grimaces and sits down. Daniel noticing the opened window nudges Tyrone and points up.

Daniel– Ay yo Lizzie I know you jus ain dis me like dat!

Tyrone snickers as he amps Daniel up with his gyrations.

Elizabeth sits in silence.

Daniel: (rappin’) Frizzie Lizzie let’s get buzy. When I roll thru da hood baby come get wit me.

Tyrone– Na’ na’ G. She on dat Erykah Badu. An’ she can call Tyrone.

Elizabeth (gets in the chair on her knees. She sticks her head out the window): If ya’ll broke bustas don’t get from under my window.

Daniel: Whatchu gone do?

Tyrone: Cry prolly

Elizabeth: Imma call da zoo and tell em I found Caesar, they betta come get em before he try an take ova the world agin.

Tyrone falls to the ground and begins to laugh. Dramatically he rolls on the ground pointing at Daniel.

Daniel: Dats how ya feel tho

Elizabeth: Jus like dat.

Elizabeth pulls her head back into the window. She pulls the window down comes down the flight of stairs and exits stage left.

Tyrone gets up off of the ground and dusts himself off. He puts his hand on Daniel’s back and shakes his head. Daniel pushes Tyrone’s hand off of him.

Daniel: You think dats funny my guy. Lettin’ dat uppity hoe talk to me like dat?

Tyrone: It’s all fun and games. We did start it tho.


Daniel pushes Tyrone to the ground.

End scene


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