English 451

I see you with your babies

There is nothing more beautiful
Other than

A man
With a son
Hold on to him
Fo’ he get a gun

Let that trigga finger
One shot to the head
Now you know he dead
That’s what we pledge
When we pledge to
Tha game
End up dying for a city
That don’t know our name
Whether you are
Or blue
Black is all our color
Killing all of the one’s
That look like us
This can’t be life
It sure ain’t love
It’s genocide
The whole world look like
In God we trust
But do we believe that boo
Why you think our color comes in so many hues
You can be Polo fly
Or Wal-mart chic
Try to buy the whole world
But the price ain’t cheap
We continue to
Find and tuck
In this
Brave new world
1984 has began
But our eyes are still watching
While they continue
Lying about
Witches with nice wardrobes
Making life seem so wonderful
Down the rabbit hole
As the Red Queen wails
Off with their head


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