First Sight ( A Poem)

Just like I often do

He stood there, using his  fingers

Checking titles

“Anything good?”

I asked

“It’s all in what you call good”

He replied

Something to ponder on

And it increased my curiosity

So I pumped the gas

And revved up the conversation

with tremendous velocity

“Where are you from”

Let me guess….Brooklyn”

“Nah, nah”

He responded

Honestly, it didn’t matter

Because really

the truth is

I’m happy that you’re here

and that you dig books

You have a beautiful soul

and not too bad on looks

But back to your spirit

I think we may connect

Because beyond that baseball cap

Lies a man with intellect

Nothing could be more attractive

With you, I could probably talk all night

I may need to clean my glasses

or did we unite

At first sight


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