Winter Scarf ( A Poem)

No matter what

I get a new

three or four

Every year

To keep me warm and protected

Because that woman

loves me

She wants to make sure

that no matter where her little girl may be

Some where

scarfAny where

I could breathe in a part of


The love

The prayers

The warmth

She knows that I will be cozy and snug

Full of compassion and grace

She will make certain that my daughter has one too

So that she can also feel the embrace of a true heart

Deeper than the Altamaha River

and much longer than the Blue Ridge Mountains

Stronger than racism

and heavier than pressing cream

Cause though all I know right now is cold Georgia nights

No matter where I may go in this world

Her love

is around my neck

A sweet yoke

Never a noose



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