TOYS & Heaven Spots

“I would rather be a little nobody, then to be a evil somebody.” ― Abraham Lincoln

I always thought of myself as an ugly kid, not because I was born ugly, but that I was told that I was ugly. When I was in school I was always picked on about things that I could not help. I have a high waist, so I had to wear my pants above my navel for my pants to fit appropriately. I would dread going to school because I knew that I was going to be called Urkel or high-jacked booty.

I also have big lips, I remember being taunted about them- this was a time before collagen enhancement was all the rage in urban America. When I would get around my peers I would tuck my bottom lip in to make it look normal, but I had no banskyrelief. I would be called awful things like big lip potato chip or someone would poke their lips out to mock mine.

Boy, did I hate school and all of the children in it.

I remember coming home in tears, crying to my mother about the relentless jokes that were said about me. I never wanted to go back to school because I knew that I would be teased and talked about. But, no matter how hard I cried, my mother would say something like “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you.” Well, they did then and they still do now. But back then, you were just supposed to deal with it, it was a part of life- something to make you ‘stronger’.

I refused to go to my high school reunion because of the teasing that I endured in school. Though ten years has passed, the words still have a sting to them. I can remember who said what and on my worse days it feels like I’m that kid again. But, the worse thing about the whole ordeal is that  I became very judgmental in the long run.

After being criticized we have the potential to  become the critic.

Life is a wall that we put our graffiti on. We tag ourselves and others as we scribble trying to  make a mark in this world, but sometimes the fumes of our cannons impair us  as we unconsciously cap a fellow artist. The more followers we acquire, the more relevant we become, which can be a Catch 22- though we have a voice and speak loudly doesn’t mean that the one we may offend isn’t trying their best. We tend to forget that life is big enough for everyone to express themselvessick freely, without offense or criticism. Yes, we can speak our opinion and give our reasoning but there is a way to do that without intimidation by bombing and burning others’ works.

The right way is only the right way for you.

When we learn to accept ourselves, we are too busy to criticize others. We begin to realize that no one has it all together and everyone has to find their own form and style. We must allow ourselves to soak up other techniques so we can create a beautiful mural for our future generations to view and enjoy.

Our society has grown weary of self-proclaimed kings and queens that tear one another down. Let us consider this a  time for us to become builders of one another.

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