Imitation of Life (Three Little Girls)

There are  three little girls- one is dark-skinned, one is light-skinned, and the other is cameo skinned. All are equally beautiful in their own rights- but they are also marred with the burden of unworthiness……..

The dark-skinned girl has thick kinky hair that she constantly straightens. She uses skin bleachers and make-up foundation that is two tones too light for her natural complexion. When she looks in the mirror, she imagines that her hair flows down her back and she has cameo skin.

The light-skinned girl lies about her true ethnicity. She wears blonde hair extensions and steers clear from the rays of the sun. She picks on the dark-skinned girl- calling her names like tar baby and Count Blackula. She considers herself amongst the blessed ones that can fit into any culture or ethnicity and prefers to be called a non-ghetto name.


The cameo skinned girl admires the dark-skinned girl and surrounds herself with darker toned people. She wears her hair in corn rows and listens to rap music. She dates boys of darker complexions to learn of their culture. She considers her ethnicity to be a disgrace and bask in the rays of the sun to attain a nice even tan.

All three girls are unhappy with their current situations. They each think that their lives would be “better” if they were someone else and not who they were created to be. They pluck, tweeze, darken, lighten, inject, and enhance their already beautiful adornments. They all want to be more than what they have been called to be. They imitate each other but hate each other at the same time.

The dark-skinned girl hates the light-skinned and cameo girl because of their complexions and their ability to attain any man that they want.

The light-skinned girl hates the cameo girl because she doesn’t have to pretend to be who she really is or what she has.

The cameo girl hates the dark-skinned and light-skinned girl because they come from generations of dark toned people.

Each girl, equally beautiful and wonderfully made, carries a disdain for the reality of their lives. They lose themselves in the battle of what society deems beautiful. Looking for love and acceptance they step on each others egos with slurs of perpetual hate. They are saturated with the indecisiveness of who they were incredibly made to be. They are unaware of the greatness that lies within each one of their beings.

Sweet and precious. Lovely and amazing. They cannot fathom the true beauty of their essence. They are beaten with words of hate. They are broken from the lack of self-love. Their wings are clipped and they have become caged by this imitation of life.


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